FOSDEM, Challenges Round 2, GStreamer, ActivityPub Test Suite

By Powen Shiah

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Email newsletter on 1 February 2024: Meet STF in Brussels – 5 teams in next Contribute Back Challenges round – GStreamer & ActivityPub Testsuite Investments

Announcing New Investments

Happy new year! We’re starting 2024 with a bang and announcing several new open source infrastructure technologies on which the Sovereign Tech Fund is commissioning work. We’re excited to support these maintainers and FOSS communities, and to continue strengthening the foundational software of our shared digital infrastructure.

If you’d like to find out about these updates as they happen, you can find the Sovereign Tech Fund on MastodonLinkedIn, Twitter, and Bluesky.

Contribute Back Challenges Round 2

Five FOSS teams selected for the 2nd round of STF's Contribute Back Challenges! The projects are receiving a total of €858,560 for their work in 3 areas.

Improving FOSS Developer Tooling


An open source tool for managing data science environments in collaborative teams.

Haskell Cabal

Build system and package manager for the Haskell programming language

Open Web Docs

Documenting accurate compatibility data for web technologies and maintaining tools that support this documentation

Securing FOSS Software Production

Rusty SBOMs

cyclonedx-rust-cargo is emerging as the standard for creating Software Bill of Materials for the Rust ecosystem and the CycloneDX standard

FOSS Infrastructure Documentation

p5.js Documentation Organization & Accessibility

A free, open source JavaScript library for creative coding, with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for artists, designers, educators, and beginners

More about Contribute Back Challenges Round 2


Re-implementing a multimedia framework’s low-level network protocol for increased security, maintainability, and sustainability

About GStreamer

ActivityPub Test Suite

Strengthening interoperability in the ecosystem of decentralized, federated social networks

About ActivityPub Test Suite

Events: See you in Brussels!

This week, several members of the STF team will be in Brussels. You can catch up with us at

Not in Brussels? Watch an interview with Adriana Groh at NGI2023 Forum (November 2023) 

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