Strengthening Digital Infrastructure and Open Source Ecosystems in the Public Interest

The Sovereign Tech Fund supports the development, improvement, and maintenance of open digital infrastructure.

Our Mission


Digital sovereignty is central to shaping a future in the public interest. The open source ecosystem serves as the foundation for society's innovative strength, competitiveness and democracy. Digital sovereignty is the self-determined use of digital technologies and systems by individuals, industry, and governments. 

Open source & digital sovereignty


The Sovereign Tech Fund invests in open digital infrastructure. We understand this to be foundational technologies that enable the creation of other software. These trusted components — for instance, libraries and standards — are openly accessible and free to use. As a result, open digital infrastructure is critical for innovation and economic growth, and forms the foundation for digitalization across sectors. We often don’t notice how much our lives depend on digital infrastructure until it stops working. But making it available, accessible and secure is key for digitalization in the public interest.


It is time to invest in digital commons, volunteer communities and the open source ecosystem to build the digital world we want to see. We are working to strengthen the self-determined use of digital technologies and systems by individuals, industry, and governments. The open source ecosystem, while incredibly successful, is also increasingly fragile. Many more people are using the software than contributing to it. We believe supporting openness, co-creation, interdependency and interoperability will lead to digital sovereignty.

“Strengthening digital sovereignty is key to ensuring economic growth, self-determination and for protecting our values in a digital world. The sustainability of our digital infrastructure is crucial to this. This is exactly what the Sovereign Tech Fund is aiming to achieve.”

Franziska Brantner, © Florian Freundt

Dr. Franziska Brantner

Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

“Free and open software has long been the basis of countless applications. It offers us the chance to ensure openness, participation and security and to fill the previous buzzword of ‘digital sovereignty’ with life.”

Konstantin von Notz © Foto:

Konstantin von Notz

Deputy Chairman of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag

“The promotion of open source software should be as much a part of public services as public transportation or water supply. It is a common good from which administration, business and civil society benefit equally.”

Saskia Esken © Anne Hufnagl

Saskia Esken

Federal Chairwoman of the SPD

Feasibility Study

On the consideration of a support program for open digital enabling technologies as a basis for innovation and digital sovereignty

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Pilot Phase Report

Insights from validating the approaches outlined in the Sovereign Tech Fund's feasibility study.

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