The Sovereign Tech Fund is currently active in three program areas: general funding for open source digital infrastructure, the Bug Resilience Program, and the Contribute Back Challenges

General Investments

The open source ecosystem, while incredibly successful, is also increasingly fragile. Many more people are using the software than contributing to it. It is time to invest in digital commons, volunteer communities and the open source ecosystem to build the digital world we want to see. We are working to strengthen the self-determined use of digital technologies and systems by individuals, industry, and governments

The Sovereign Tech Fund is accepting applications on an ongoing basis to support open digital base technologies in the public interest. Before submitting an application, we ask that you review and consider all information regarding the selection criteria and the subsequent process. Applications are accepted exclusively through our application platform.

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Bug Resilience Program

The Bug Resilience Program is a responsible bug bounty program to empower small and medium-sized open source projects. The goal is to lower their risk of harboring bugs and improve their capacity to respond to bugs as they are discovered. The program provides services to OSS projects, such as helping projects deal with technical debt, working on known security issues, implementing responsible vulnerability disclosure processes, as well as offering a bug bounty for researchers that discover bugs and report them responsibly.

Please note, the application phase has ended. We are no longer accepting proposals from potential Bug Resilience Project implementation partners.

Contribute Back Challenges

It’s time to give back and invest in the open source ecosystem, to increase its security and sustainability, and to collectively shape the digital world we want.

Challenge participants can work on contributing back to open source for up to eight months, with a budget of up to €300,000 for each four-month round.

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Selected Participants (First Round)