Our Mission

The Sovereign Tech Fund supports the development, improvement, and maintenance of open digital infrastructure. Our goal is to sustainably strengthen the open source ecosystem. We focus on security, resilience, technological diversity, and the people behind the code.

What is digital infrastructure?

We often don’t notice how much our lives depend on digital infrastructure until it stops working. But making it available, accessible and secure is key for digitalization in the public interest. The Sovereign Tech Fund invests in open digital infrastructure. We understand this to be foundational technologies that enable the creation of other software. These trusted components — for instance, libraries and standards — are openly accessible and free to use. As a result, open digital infrastructure is critical for innovation and economic growth, and forms the foundation for digitalization across sectors.

What is digital sovereignty?

Digital sovereignty is the self-determined use of digital technologies and systems by individuals, industry, and governments. It cannot be achieved without a robust open source ecosystem. We need to strengthen open digital infrastructure in order to foster security, innovation and economic growth, and ensure a resilient digital foundation for participation and democracy.

What are digital services in the public interest?

Digital services in the public interest (digitale Daseinsvorsorge) refer to the responsibility of the government to provide digital infrastructure, services, and goods to ensure long-term access, equal living conditions, and digital sovereignty in a digital society.

Technologies STF has invested in

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