Haskell Cabal

Build system and package manager for the Haskell programming language

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Investment Amount
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2023, 2024

This is one of nine FOSS teams selected for the first round of the STF Contribute Back Challenges, and one of five teams selected for the second round. It is in the Improving FOSS Developer Tooling area.

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Cabal is the build system and package manager for the Haskell programming language. Creating maintainable architecture for Cabal and streamlining its build system strengthens the Haskell language ecosystem.

Round 1: €160,000

Round 2: €160,000

Round 1 Summary

Each participating team submitted a final report and included a portion to be published.

Thanks to the STF Contribute Back Challenges, we designed and implemented changes to Haskell's Cabal build and packaging infrastructure which will help the long-term sustainability of the Cabal project, by allowing a single build system to be used across all Haskell packages, instead of each package supplying its own build system.

We produced a formal design proposal to solicit community feedback and seek consensus on the design with other Cabal contributors and Haskell community stakeholders, analysed open source Haskell packages to inform public discussion of the design, and demonstrated the implementation's effectiveness on a collection of existing Haskell packages. Moreover, we supported the Cabal developer community with essential project maintenance activities including user support, issue triage, code review and release management.

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