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Documenting accurate compatibility data for web technologies and maintaining tools that support this documentation

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2023, 2024

This is one of nine FOSS teams selected for the first round of the STF Contribute Back Challenges, and one of five teams selected for the second round. It is in the Improving FOSS Developer Tooling area.

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Open Web Docs helps to maintain open web documentation and the tools that support this documentation. By documenting accurate compatibility data for web technologies, web developers can more easily create websites that are compatible with many different web browsers.

Round 1: €150,000 

Round 2: €150,000

Round 1 Summary

Each participating team submitted a final report, and included a portion to be published.

Thanks to the STF challenge, in which Open Web Docs (OWD) automated browser compatibility data updates using OWD’s mdn-bcd-collector project, compatibility information is now available to web developers for new browser releases faster than ever.

When a new browser version is released, we automatically detect added and removed web platform features for approximately 82% of the web platform features recorded in BCD.

Thanks to STF, we can maintain compatibility data more efficiently and bring web developers the information they need to build cross-browser compatible web applications on websites like CanIUse or MDN Web Docs more quickly and accurately.

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