An open source tool for managing data science environments in collaborative teams.

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2023, 2024

This is one of nine FOSS teams selected for the first round of the STF Contribute Back Challenges, and one of five teams selected for the second round. It is in the Improving FOSS Developer Tooling area.

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conda-store provides flexible yet reproducible environments while enforcing best practices throughout an environment’s life cycle. Integrating conda-store into the conda ecosystem, adding multi-platform support, and improving maintenance and contribution workflows advance the long-term sustainability and accessibility of these essential resources for the broader Python community.

Round 1: €96,800 

Round 2: €160,000

Round 1 Summary

Each participating team submitted a final report, and included a portion to be published.

Participating in the Contribute Back Challenges has enabled conda-store to make significant strides towards addressing some major challenges the Python community faces around environment reproducibility and portability. conda-store can now be used in Unix-based OS and Windows with almost functionality parity.

conda-store is more robust and stable overall, provides a better user experience, and is better documented. We have mainly focused on improving the first-user experience, smoothing the onboarding processes around conda-store packages, and providing helpful user tutorials and reference documentation.

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