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2022, 2023

OpenSSH is a widely used open implementation of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol. The tool allows users to create encrypted and authenticated connections to remote systems over the internet. The associated SSH File-Transfer Protocol further allows the secure transfer of files to or from remote machines. For example, OpenSSH can be used to connect a local machine to a remote server in order to administer it.

Why is this important?

OpenSSH is very widely used, particularly within any organization that has an IT infrastructure. Manufacturers such as Nokia, Cisco and Juniper offer the software as the primary login method for the remote login of administrators. OpenSSH is also included in the Apple, Windows, and Linux operating systems, including popular distributions like RedHat. OpenSSH is also used for the orchestration of cloud networks.

OpenSSH has become indispensable in the administration of servers and computers and is therefore of great importance for the industry. A practical and useful tool, it ensures the secure and authenticated transmission of data, while effectively protecting against eavesdropping attacks and unauthorized access.

What are we funding?

The funding will be used for the maintenance and protection of OpenSSH. This includes the identification of risky legacy features, which will then be either removed or secured. A new crypto-algorithm will be implemented and FIDO integration (a technology used for 2-factor authentication) will be improved.

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