Investments in RubyGems, Yocto Project & Sequoia PGP; Event Roundup

By Powen Shiah

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Email newsletter on 8 November 2023 announcing new investments, the STF team at events, and updates from projects and technologies.

Announcing New Investments

Since our last regular newsletter, STF has shared announcements about three open source infrastructure technologies that we are commissioning work on. We are excited to be investing and working — in some cases again — with these maintainers and FOSS communities. If you’d like to find out about these updates as they happen, you can find the Sovereign Tech Fund on Twitter, Mastodon, and LinkedIn.


Package management for Ruby, a popular programming language.

More about Rubygems

Yocto Project

Creating flexible, custom operating systems for embedded and IoT device.

More about Yocto Project

Sequoia PGP

Secure communication, signatures and authentication, in Rust.

More about Sequoia PGP

The STF Team at Events

Part of the STF mission is to increase awareness of how essential open source digital technologies are to many aspect of our lives. In the past few months, STF team members have attended and spoken at events around the world.

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